3dRNA/DNA Web Server

Automatic building of ncRNA and DNA 3D structures

3dRNA/DNA is an automatic, fast, and high-accuracy RNA and DNA tertiary structure prediction method. It uses sequence and secondary structure information to build three dimensional structures of RNA and DNA from template segments.

The main routines for 3dRNA/DNA is:
  1. Break the given secondary structure into smallest secondary elements (SSEs).
  2. Find the template of these SSEs from our templates library, which is built from crystal or NMR structures. If the template is missing, a distance-geometry-based loop building method can be used to build the SSE ab initio.
  3. The assembling module is the structure assembled by templates searched for each SSE. The assembling module do not consider pseudoknots.
  4. The optimizing module is the structure optimized from the assembling module or a given structure by using Simulated Annealing Monte Carlo method. This process can further optimize the module with constraints of pseudoknots, residue-residue interactions or distances by using a coarse-grained energy function.

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